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Signature Dishes

Signature Dishes in Ceylonese Crabs

Our Signature Foods

Discover the essence of Sri Lankan cuisine with our signature dishes at Ceylonese Crabs. From the rich and aromatic Sri Lankan Style Crab Curry, each dish offers a taste of tradition. Indulge in hearty favorites like Roast Chicken Cheese Koththu and seafood delights such as Mix Seafood Chopsuey Rice and Mix Seafood Sawala.

Complete your culinary journey with the iconic Hoppers, accompanied by a selection of tantalizing sides. With each dish meticulously prepared to capture the vibrant flavors of Sri Lanka, Ceylonese Crabs invites you to experience authentic Sri Lankan cuisine in Singapore.

Ceylonese Set Lunch

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Sri Lankan Mutton Curry


Special Sunday Hoppers


Ceylonese Crabs Snacks


Roasted Chicken Cheese Koththu

Everyday Special

Ceylonese Crabs Crabloadan

Every Saturday Lampraise


Mixfood Sawala

Indulge in the exotic flavors of Ceylon right here in Singapore. Explore a tapestry of spice, aroma, and tradition at Ceylonese Crab, where each dish is a passport to the vibrant streets of Sri Lanka.

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